Sculpture Trail 2020

The 2020 Sculpture Trail at Raveningham featured 48 selected artists and makers across 3 acres of grounds who responded to the theme of Creative Odyssey. Artists developed ideas, artwork, sculpture, site specific works, stories, magic and more for the meadows, pond, gardens, and woodland at Raveningham. By letting their imaginations and aspirations soar they created a sculpture exhibition that inspired and uplifted visitors. The Sculpture Trail team is committed to encouraging public interaction with contemporary art in a rural setting as well as creating space and opportunity for artists to show and sell their work to a diverse audience.

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We asked visitors to vote for their favourite sculpture or installation on the trail this year and were delighted to be able to award the following artists with cash prizes: 1st – Connie Adams – £250. 2nd – Fern Spray – £200. 3rd – Kally Davidson – £150. Curator’s Choice – Annie Fenton – £200.

Sculpture Trail Poster

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Grace Adam – Social Distancing Bench

A threeway kissing bench has developed into a long social distancing bench in response to this years developments! Grace has shown with us before and last year we purchased her signpost installation to stay permanently on the site. The signposts fit so beautifully on the site that we have used them as inspiration for our new logo for the Raveningham Sculpture Trail too.

Connie Adams 3
Connie Adams – MacMorland

A self taught artist exploring the results of steel wire as a medium. Winner 2020 People’s Choice Award – Raveningham Sculpture Trail.

Meg Amsden – Locked In, Rebirth, Infant/Soul

Three linked pieces, founded in folk tale and ritual and the artist’s personal experience. “Locked In: is dormant, trapped by the brambles, “Rebirth” escapes coercion and flies away with her swan’s wing, “Infant/Soul” is gently cradled and carried to a safe place.

Stuart Anderson – Etruscan Horses

Stuart built his first bronze casting furnace in his back garden in 1991. He is a founder member of Butley Mills Studios in Suffolk and shows widely around the UK and further afield.

Nick Ball – Decoys and Rovers

In our world of waste, bikes like everything else are disposable. Here are five structure that integrate with the vista and invite you to play. The Rovers are interactive, push them about but beware as they may push back. Steel, aluminium and tropical hardwood.

Working in stained glass, and during lockdown ceramics together with stone, resulted in the new work for 2020 Sculpture Trail. John’s travels in Africa and the Americas have informed the figures, shapes and colours in the work.

Cindy Lee Wright – Devotion and Freedom Angels

The Angels at the start of the trail by illustrator Cindy Barnes explore ideas of Faith and the artist’s personal Creative Odyssey. 

Helen Breach – Retweet
Ruth Brumby

Large scale structural works in paper mâché.

Sarah Cannell / Andy Jarrett   / Rachael Long A collaborative project to create the Ship of Light, a steel fire sculpture created at Rachael Long’s studio earlier this year near Wymondham.

Harry Chrystall

Shortlisted for the prestigious Threadneedle and John Moores Art prizes Harry’s kinetic light sculpture for the woodland walk at this year’s Sculpture Trail added tranquility and magic to the site.

Mark Croxford

Handspun and wildwood hooked, naturally organic freeform crochet installations of natures spirit and colour.

Natasha Day

Crochet installation in the woods.

Patrick Elder – Winner of the Mall Galleries Royal Art Prize 2019
Annie Fenton
Tobias Ford square
Tobias Ford – Winner of the 2019 ‘People’s Choice’ award at Raveningham Sculpture Trail.
Emily Gardiner – Lost City of Lights
Beth Groom
Suzie Hanna

We are very excited to welcome Suzie for the first time to the Sculpture Trail and are creating a straw bale cinema space on the new meadow to show her reel of animations. The Micro – Kino has a 15 minute loop of short animation films curated by Suzie, all with a theme of Nature.

Pamela Harling Challis – Return To Annapurna

Andy Jarrett – Andy creates sculptures informed by close observation of nature, enlarging tiny seedheads to create works which tower above the viewer or well observed birds from the broads he lives so close to.

Daniel Johnson

Metalwork meets origami as Daniel creates blossom works which will sit alongside the waterlilies on the ponds edge.

Yusuf Keten

Yusuf Keten – Experimental sculptures in concrete nestled in the secret garden.

Brian Korteling
Ros Moreton

Toby Poolman
Mark Purllant
Jim Racine
Meryem Siemmond
Fern Spray
Bee Springwood – Phases of the Moon
Laure Van Minden
Ian Vance
Jane West
Jack Wheeler

Pop Up Gallery Artists

Sarah Cannell – Paintings and Prints
Lindsay Slade
Delta Design Studio – Creative Bookbinder

Joey Scholfield – Ceramics