The 2023 Sculpture Trail at Raveningham features 62 selected artists and makers across 3 acres of grounds who responded to the theme of Amplify The Positive. Artists have developed ideas, artwork, sculpture, site specific works, stories, magic and more for the meadows, pond, gardens, and woodland at Raveningham. By letting their imaginations and aspirations soar they have created a sculpture exhibition to inspire and uplift visitors. The Sculpture Trail team is committed to encouraging public interaction with contemporary art in a rural setting as well as creating space and opportunity for artists to show and sell their work to a diverse audience.

Scroll down to see our 2023 Raveningham Sculpture Trail Artists

Abbate Anne-Marie – details to follow.

Grace Adam – details to follow.

Meg Amsden – details to follow.

John Bardell – The river Elbe as it flows through eastern Germany creates snake like shapes and reflects the red in the sunset.

Barns Rachael – details to follow.

Baxter Christine – details to follow.

Caldon Mandy & Thurland Curtis

Laura Cannell – The Hazel Chapel – UNLOCKING RITUALS is a new sound installation created with music from the new solo EP from UK based Composer, Performer and Improviser, Laura Cannell. Stepping away from her signature overbow violin and recorders, this EP features a full church pipe organ built in 1899 recorded live inside a large 14th century rural East Anglian village church. Improvisation and fragmented ancient musical relics are at the heart of Cannell’s music, and here there is a joy in playing something new and discovering the slow moving air inside instrument and the space it is rooted in. Listen here

Sarah Cannell – 1000 Vessel Project; the power of making as a way of processing trauma and moving towards healing by creating 1000 ceramic vessels. So far the artist is part way into her journey and has created 215 vessels, a journey in ceramics and surface design through the process of making

Caputo Sarah – details to follow.

Mike Challis – Sounding Stones. A set of sounding stones to step on and play.  Following on from Nightwire, Raveningham 2021, Mike has made an interactive sound piece. Make wild soundscape mixes with your body by stepping on the Sound Stones and triggering different sounds. Have fun and find your inner child.  Mike was inspired to make this when he saw children jumping on the trigger mat in Nightwire after the first step had procured a cuckoo. They wanted more … here it is. 

Challis Mike & Maule Andy – details to follow.

Harry Chrystall – ‘Barrow’ – Harry Chrystall is a multi disciplinary artist and designer. His practice encompasses both figurative and abstract themes which he explores with a variety of materials in two and three dimensions. His current work examines the relationship between artwork and spectator and how the universal and abstract principles that pervade our daily experience are mirrored in this uncertain relationship.

Rebecca Clifford – 7 Doors – Most people now believe that we have a short window of time before climate change becomes irreversible climate catastrophe. Some have given us seven years, some are giving us a few more & others are less hopeful & giving us less. Whatever the time span it is clear that we have no time to waste. My doors symbolise the few years we have to make change and the need to live smaller lives, to degrow our lives so as to make good our relationship with the planet. We must desist from the path of destruction on which we are currently travelling.

Rachel Collier – Wilson – Crows flit between roof tops, like our connections with others, sharing news and plans. Communicating ‘as the crow flies’. Corvids as emblems of our journeying through difficult and challenging times. Linocut prints on fabric.

Dom Cooper – Sculptures in plaster inspired by shapes and forms found around us – the flowing curves of cloud formations, buds on plants, seed pods. Simple, organic and spontaneous.

Kally Davidson – It’s fascinating how fungi can grow a route for themselves towards symbiotic relationships via a hidden network of hyphae, branching out, in communication with parts of themselves which may be miles away.  In parallel, I feel as humans, we function with so many invisible connections, whether it be our own internal unique mind maps which help us to relate to the world around us or the external paths we travel, our life adventures evolve because of where or who we share them with, which is so mushroom.

Peter Day – details to follow.

Nicci Dedman – Nicci makes modern wire sculpture using wire. For this armchair and pouffe metal wire has been layered to give an upholstered look and gives a comfortable seat for you to sit, put your feet up and enjoy.

DonDaniel Johann – details to follow.

Sarah Ellis – Choosing from the wealth of materials found discarded in the streets, Sarah has created a diverse series of “pyramids” using a wide range of materials, mostly man-made some natural. Drinks cans, plastic bottles, masks and gloves were obvious choices, but finding diverse materials became an obsession. The work is presented as one installation, hanging or rising from the ground, shaping the surrounding space and light, ever changing in the breeze.

Esling John – details to follow.

Fenn Victoria – details to follow.

Emily Gardiner – My work explores the happenings of everyday life and attempts to draw narratives from the mundane and madness that lies within. I work in whatever material brings life to my concept. But especially enjoy making sculptures that provoke the viewer to challenge their perceptions of reality. 

Giller Sophie – details to follow.

Haggart Bertie Anderson – details to follow.

Hall David – details to follow.

Humpleby Elaine – details to follow.

Jones Helen – details to follow.

Littlefield Mary – details to follow.

Maughan Gabrielle – details to follow.

Maxfield Helen – details to follow.

MICRO KINO – Our magical tiny outdoor cinema space featuring animations created specifically for this year’s Sculpture Trail. Animators have responded to the themes of Nature and Journey. Curated by the fabulous Professor Suzie Hannah.http://suziehanna.com

Moreton Roslyn – details to follow.

Moreton Russell – Spiral Walking Maze. The maze is an idea conceived by Sarah (Sculpture Trail Curator) and created with Lizzie (Sculpture Trail Artist Gardener) embracing the idea of walking and nature as having healing properties. You never have to retrace your steps in the maze, always taking one step forward while feeling grounded. For the ultimate experience walk the maze bare foot!

Jenny Nutbeem – Step into a spiral of leaf-printed cloth that winds its way up into a cockspur thorn tree – representing a personal journey of discovery into natural dyes and botanical contact prints.

Shaun Pickering & Cindy Lee Wright – Butterfly Moon Gate

Pine Jemima – details to follow.

Reynolds Joanna – details to follow.

Roffey Nina – details to follow.

Rolston Annette – details to follow.

Sarah Rooms Heaphy – Journey – Exploration, progress, odyssey, travelling, pilgrimage, wandering, roaming, voyage, tour, trek, passage, travel… Using the textures, tests, and clay explorations I have created over the last few years, I am exhibiting JOURNEY, a wall sculpture. Each modular section takes a different route through colour, texture, mark making, shapes and forms, an illustration of the diversity of clay in art. The wall sculpture is creating a mind map of ideas, designed to express the feeling of connection and progression whilst continuing to draw inspiration from coastal environments.

Zoe Rubens – Having gained a first class honours degree in Sculpture at Manchester Zoë Rubens is an experienced artist combining the figurative and conceptual. She uses her distinctive talents and skills working with ferrous and nonferrous metals, both cast and welded and etched, to produce intriguing Sculpture and prints. Including her unique ceramics she is able to produce visual excitement with many subtle depths of expression and meaning. Currently working from her studio in East Anglia Zoë challenges many pre-conceptions, experimenting with different techniques and applications and by using her own signature attention to detail within the overall concept makes her work fascinating to revisit 

Louise Severyn – Kosinska – Leshy, Slavic Forest Guardian  “Watch out for the Leshy, for he is sly. Is that he? That tree? Or is that he? The wind in the tree?” (Russian Folk tale) In the Baltic and Slavic countries, there is a forest spirit called a Leshy. The word ‘Leshy’ comes from the old Slavonic word meaning “forest” . the Leshy are the guardians of the forests. They protect wild animals and have an especially close relationship with the wolf. 

Sharpe Jill – details to follow.

Meryem Siemmond – ‘Matsyasana’ is a Yoga fish pose is a reclining back-bending asana. In that nothingness and silence everything can be created when the nature with us. Formless consciousness through form, spirit through matter and the intangible through the tangible. Venetian marble

Fern Spray – My Journey with Glass & WoodWith a glass on glass mosaic technique Ferns work is exploring changing light angles and overall shape to achieve different effects with mirror and glass which interact with its surroundings. 

Sonic Moth – Ambient – Drone – Synth Cassette label – work in progress Bandcamp. Sound installation created using field recordings made on site at Raveningham.

Bee Springwood – Bee works with the specific site, and this spot inspired the image of the Asklepeus. Seeing the healing serpent in the plants she found winding along, vividly alive, and the old fence line taking the role of staff.
In this work the “weaving” traces a journey with plants, with colour; an interaction  between human and nature. 
Weaving, binding, and plaiting are meditative acts that take us back through centuries of crafting with plant and fabric. 

Strangward Justin – details to follow.

Thompson Amanda – details to follow.

Becky Tough – A personal narrative created through half told truths that float in and out of focus. Interaction between the real of the present and the imagined spaces of the past.

Turner Simon – details to follow.

Utting Sally-Ann – details to follow.

Van Minden Laure & Dowding Chris – details to follow.

Ian Vance – Ceramic standing stones signpost our way to a better future after a challenging few years.

West Jane – details to follow.

Wheeler Monica – details to follow.

Peter Wiltshire – details to follow.