Ship of Light

Ship Of Light LogoA Community Arts project for everyone to join in, make lanterns, parade through the woods and bring a bit of light to the end of hard times.

IMG_7452Learn how to create a lantern structure using willow and wet strength tissue paper. The lanterns can be used as part of the Creative Odyssey Lantern Parade or to brighten up your home. All makers are invited to parade their lanterns with us at Raveningham when we are able to reconnect.

Follow this link for an online lantern workshop by maker Sarah Cannell

Creative Odyssey Lantern Festival and Ship of Light burning at Raveningham Centre 2020. Exact date TBC. Follow us @raveninghamsculpturetrail on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss it.

Creative Odyssey Fundraising Exhibition 25th – 29th February 2020, PV 24th Feb 6pm, kindly hosted by Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich. We raised over £6,000 for Children with Cancer UK and the Creative Odyssey Arts projects for wellbeing.

Ship of Light community build day at the Norfolk Makers Festival, the Forum, Norwich. Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February 2020. Free willow build workshop. A fabulous event which attracted more than 7,000 visitors.