Site Clearing Day at Raveningham

The gardens at the Raveningham Centre in the grounds of Castell Farm, a striking Tudor Farmhouse, have been dormant for a number of years. Until recently the front garden has been unused and the old kitchen garden has been full of brambles with a path down to a dozen beehives managed by ‘Bob the Bee’. The hives have been relocated and much of the bramble has now been cleared, uncovering magical paths and dells through the gardens. Tomorrow (later today!) a team of keen volunteers will be on site pruning, tidying, clearing and generally enjoying being outside (hopefully, if it doesn’t rain too much!). The first onsite meeting for artists for this years Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail is next weekend so we have lots to do to get the space ready.

Snowdrops start the year in the orchard.
Lots of clearing to re-instate the magical pathways through the trees.


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